Helicopter sighting flight for one person during the Rally Poland ERC 2018 special stage

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Flight ticket for helicopter sighting during special stage. An unforgettable experience and the best possible view of the fastest rally drivers in the world. See how the special stage look like from the bird landsacapes look.


Start and Landing: A special landing at the selected point of view on the special stage.
Flight: After a specified lookout loop, the helicopter accommodates 4 people on board (including pilot).
Duration of the flight: approximately 9-10 minutes (including take off and landing)



Number of tickets for a special stage are limited. The ticket is valid for the bearer, you can give it as a gift!

Please arrive at the airport 15 minutes before the start of the special stage and contact the flight crew to arrange flight details. It is not possible to book a specific flight time during the episode – the date of arrival at the airfield is decided.

For reasons of safety (depending on the temperature and amount of fuel in the helicopter) the pilot will decide on the maximum number of passengers per flight.

The ticket will include a detailed location of the starting point and any additional information about attractions.

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